We introduced our heavy duty box stand as our standard for KF, LB and KO models in 2018. The change was a big hit!

You can now upgrade your old-style KF or KO stand to this new style.

It's simple to do: 4 screws off, 4 screws on. Piece of cake. If you can make a knife you can swap out this stand.

This upgrade stand is for KF and KO models only. It is not for the smaller 120V KH Series. We offer an upgrade for that as well. Seek and you shall find it our this site.

Box Stand Upgrade for KF and KO Models

  • Your current, older stand is fastened to your KF or KO chamber with 4 screws. Remove these screws and remove old stand.

    Place your chamber on the new stand and secure it with the 4 screws. You'll see the mounting holes. Hint: Feel free to place the chamber on its back when installing the new stand. It makes the job so much easier.

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