We introduced our door guards in 2018 and everybody loved 'em. If you have an older KH without this door guard, this is for you.

The door guard serves 2 purposes: it guards the relatively fragile firebrick from damage and also serves to reduce the heat seen at the chamber handle/latch. It's no wonder they were a hit.

This item fits all KH models regardless of chamber depth.

This will not fit the KF or KO models. We do offer this product for the KF and KO models. Seek and you will find it on this site.

Door Guard Upgrade for KH Models

SKU: 00379.050
  • The door guard is supplied with 4 screws. We stand the door guard off the brick by 3/8" and fasten the side tabs to the existing door stainless steel band.

    Too easy!

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