Type-K Thermocouple, 16 Gauge, 3" long from tip to block, includes three 1" x 5/16" cylindrical insulators and connection block as shown.


Your kiln may or may not have its original thermocouple, particularly if it were purchased used or replacements were made with incorrect or non-Evenheat parts. You'll want to match your old thermocouple to the image shown before ordering.


Thermocouple Type-K 16Ga. 3" Long

SKU: 11639.000
  • All Evenheat thermocouples are manufactured from Special Limits of Error thermocouple wire. Special Limits thermocouples have an error of just +/- 2?F.

  • When installing your replacement thermocouple note that the thermocouple lead wires from the controller are color coded: red and yellow. Your replacement thermocouple will be marked with a red dot. The red wire from the controller must connect to the side of the thermocouple with the red dot. Failure to follow this note may cause improper reading or operation.

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Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation.

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