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This Privacy Policy governs the use of information that Evenheat Kiln Inc. obtains from you through your use of this Web site. In order to better assist our customers through the services provided, Evenheat Kiln Inc. has the right to make changes to this privacy policy.

In the event that you have inquiries into the privacy policy or validity of a web site, the federal government has designed a site that includes guidelines helping to safeguard fraudulent internet activity. This site can be visited at

This Privacy Policy only applies to all of the services and companies owned and operated by Evenheat Kiln Inc.

Information Collected and Protected by Evenheat Kiln Inc.

Your privacy is protected through any service operated by Evenheat Kiln Inc. The personal information entered by the user is protected through methods of encryption. We do not share personal information to any third party unless otherwise authorized by the user. Evenheat Kiln Inc. does not ask a user for more information than needed to participate in any given service.

Your protected personal information registered by the user and collected by Evenheat Kiln Inc. includes a user's name, full name, email address, postal address, home telephone number, work telephone number, mobile telephone number or credit card number and credit card expiration date. Evenheat Kiln Inc. neither sells nor releases any identifiable information that would be considered personal by the user that is not otherwise publicly available.

Disclosure on Information Collected and Shared by Evenheat Kiln Inc.

General information provided by the user is collected for the purpose of market analysis such as age, gender, height, weight, fan affiliation as well as any other non-descript information relating to a general audience and not a specific individual. Evenheat Kiln Inc. does not share personal information to any third party unless otherwise authorized by the user, or in the event of a court order, or to defend against legal claims.

"Cookies" are used to enhance a user's experience on a specific web site. Cookies provided by Evenheat Kiln Inc. able a user to sign into a web service and create specific preferences. Cookies are stored on the user's hard drive and can be deleted at any time. Users have the ability to accept or decline cookies.

"Web Beacons" may be used on web services provided by Evenheat Kiln Inc. These services are sometimes called single-pixel gifs and are used to assist in the delivery of cookies through our web services. Evenheat Kiln, Inc. prohibits web beacons from being used by third-party advertisers on our web sites.

"Web crawlers", "Search Crawlers" or "Crawlers" are software agents that aid in discovering web content throughout the internet by browsing specified web targets. Evenheat Kiln Inc. does not submit personal information by its users for web crawlers to locate.

Termination of User

In the event of a user's termination from the web site, Evenheat Kiln Inc. has the right, but not the obligation, to retain information registered through the web site. This information includes but is not limited to, fan affiliation, gender, height, weight and age and may be kept for the purposes of market analysis.

Children Under 13 Years of Age

Evenheat Kiln Inc. does not knowingly collect personal information from users under 13 years of age.

Children between the Ages of 13 and 18

Evenheat Kiln Inc. suggests that users between 13 and 18 years of age should ask their parents' permission prior to sending any personal information across the internet.

Contact Information

Please contact us if you have any questions relating to this privacy policy.

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