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Heating Element Connectors - Pack of 4

Heating element connectors for use with all heating elements. We would mention that we do include these connectors with our heating elements as well. If you order a heating element these will come with it automatically. We offer this set of connectors as spare parts.


Items include 4 brass connectors, 4 long machine screws and 4 short machine screws.


The heating element pigtail is inserted through the hole in the side of the brass connector. A long machine screw is inserted into one end of the brass connector and tightened against the heating element pigtail with a 1/4" hex tool. The short machine screw is then used to secure the ring terminal found on the wire that supplies the heating element with power, again using a 1/4" hex tool.


While only 2 sets of the connectors are needed for element installtion this package contains 4 sets. These are provided as extras.



Heating Element Connectors - Pack of 4

SKU: 05540.000
  • Tools needed are a 1/4" hex tool (we really like using a 1/4" nutdriver) and a pair of pliers. To tighten the machine screws, grasp the brass connector with the the pliers and tighten the screws with the 1/4" tool. Make the connections tight! Loose connections are bad connections and will result in failure.

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