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Like most shops, knife maker and heat treat shops can be noisy. And, like most shops, distractions can get in the way of some very nice work.


Cut through your shop noise with our Loud Alarm Option. The Loud Alarm sounds at a blissfully irritating 80+ decibels! You will never miss the opportunity to properly quench again.


The loud alarm option alerts the user when the heat treat process temperature and hold has been reached, and more importantly, when it's over and it"s time to quench. TAP and Rampmaster control equipped Evenheat knife and heat treat oven models include a built-in alarm jack for easy install: simply attach the alarm and plug it in.


Loud Alarm Option for Knife and Heat Treat Ovens

SKU: 07452.000
  • This Loud Alarm Option is designed for use with all TAP equipped Evenheat knife and heat treat models regardless of serial number.


    This Loud Alarm Option is designed for Rampmaster equipped Evenheat knife and heat treat oven models with a serial number of 107120 and greater. It is not compatible with serial numbers 107119 and lower. Please verify your ovens serial number before ordering.


    The Loud Alarm Option is will not connect to non-knife or heat treat kilns.

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