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SP 41 / GTS 41 Furniture Kit - Full Shelf

Furniture kit featuring a full , single shelf. Recommended for use with Evenheat models Studio Pro 41, GTS 41 and GTS 2541.


We start with a Resco brand full shelf and cut it with a water-jet to precise dimensions. The shelf is fully submerged during this process which does leave watermarks. These watermarks disappear after first use.


The full shelf has a great smooth surface, is 1" thick and weighs 42 pounds. It measures 22-5/8" x 38" and gives 5.2 square feet of firing surface.


This kit does come with 2" tall posts. We recommend using this height of post or greater. We do not recommend using the full shelf with posts less than 2".


We would like to mention that we also offer a 2 piece shelf system for these kiln models. The 2 piece shelf system is easier to handle than the single full shelf in this kit. Take your physical abilities into mind as you select either furniture kit.


The shelf in this kit  is designed for exclusive use in Evenheat models. We do not guarantee fit in similar competitor models.


Furniture Kit includes:


1  -  Full Shelf

12  -  2" Posts

1  -  6 Reed Haik Brush

1  -  24oz. Glass Separator

SP 41 / GTS 41 Furniture Kit - Full Shelf

SKU: 07504.100
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