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SP 41 / GTS 41 Furniture Kit - Half Shelves

Furniture kit recommended for use with Evenheat models Studio Pro 41 and GTS 41.


These shelves have a great smooth surface and ares 3/4" thick. Each measues 19-1/8" x 23-1/4" and give a combined firing surface of 5.44 square feet, which is slightly more than our single shelf.


From a handling standpoint, these half shelves are easier to manage than the single, full shelf.


This shelf is designed for exclusive use in the Evenheat models. We do not guarantee fit in similar competitor models.


Furniture Kit includes:


2  -  Half Shelves - Solid Shelves (not as shown)

12  - 1" Posts

1  -  6 Reed Haik Brush (not as shown)

1  -  24oz. Glass Separator

SP 41 / GTS 41 Furniture Kit - Half Shelves

SKU: 07504.103
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