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Table Top Controller - 120V/15A

Evenheat Table Top Controls allow you to automate your manually controlled factory or custom kiln. Simply plug your existing manually controlled kiln into the Table Top Control, insert the thermocouple and enjoy all the benefits of programmable controls.


Stand-Alone Controls are available with Icon, Icon+, TAP II, Rampmaster 2 and Rampmaster 3 controls. For detailed descriptions of these controls please visit


This model is designed for 120V operation and can supply amperage up to 15A (maximum). It is fitted with a NEMA 5-15 plug and receptacle configuration. It is also fitted with an 14 gauge Type K thermocouple, 5 inches long with a 3 foot extension wire making it well suited for kilns with wall thickness up to 3.5 inches.


Table Top Controller - 120V/15A

  • Please note that table top controls will not pair up successfully with older kilns that use special timing circuits in their designs. This includes Evenheat TnB and Fyrematic series, Paragon SNF series and most Duncan's.

  • When ordering this particular table top control, verify that your kilns voltage, amperage requirement and power supply cord configuration match the specifications shown above. There is a restocking fee of 25% so double check.

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