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Type-K Thermocouple, 1/8" Diameter Inconel Sheath Type, ?" long from tip to bend. Intended for use in 2-1/2" walled models.


Your kiln may or may not have its original thermocouple, particularly if it were purchased used or replacements were made with incorrect or non-Evenheat parts. You'll want to match your old thermocouple to the image shown before ordering.

Thermocouple Type-K 1/8" Sheath Style ?" Long

SKU: 11647.100
  • All Evenheat thermocouples are manufactured from Special Limits of Error thermocouple wire. Special Limits thermocouples have an error of just +/- 2�F.

  • When installing your replacement thermocouple note that the thermocouple lead wires are color coded: red and yellow. Your control board thermocouple connections will also be color coded. Failure to match colors may cause improper reading or operation.

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