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V8 Vitrigraph Stand

Stand for Evenheat model V8 Vitrigraph kiln.


Simply place your V8 in the stand to create a solid, stand-alone base to pull your cane.


The V8 stand features a deep 14-1/2" distance between the glass exit point and back wall and an incredible 37-1/2" from the glass exit point to the floor. Plenty of room to work!


The V8 stand can be placed directly on a floor or bench.


Additional features include a tool shelf, rod/cane holder and power cord catch that keeps the power cord up and away from your work area.


The base of the V8 stand uses a flat-panel design that provides excellent stability.


V8 kiln shown in images is not included.

V8 Vitrigraph Stand

SKU: 00342.199
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