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V8 Vitrigraph Wall-Mounted Stand

Wall-mounted stand for Evenheat model V8 Vitrigraph.


Fasten the wall-mounted V8 stand to your wall and simply place your V8 in the stand to create a solid, wall-mounted base to pull your cane.


The V8 wall-mounted vitrigraph stand features a deep 14-1/2" distance between the glass exit point and back wall giving you plenty of room to work. It can be mounted as close as 16" from your ceiling.


To help keep the power cord out of the way the stand features a power cord catch that directs the power cord to the wall and then down. No need to worry about the power cord getting in your way.


The mounting holes for the stand are positioned a friendly 16" apart to match typical wall stud dimensions.


The V8 wall-mount stand can be folded and stored flat against the wall when not in use.


V8 kiln shown in images is not included.

V8 Vitrigraph Wall-Mounted Stand

SKU: 00342.198
  • The V8 Vitrigraph wall mounted stand is designed for mounting on wall studs 16" apart. The stand is mounted with four 1/4" x 2" lag screws. You will need a drill with a 5/32" bit to create the proper size pilot holes for the lag screws.

    For mounting on surfaces without wall studs 16" apart we recommend you speak to a qualified builder for mounting options prior to purchase.

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